The Ear of [G]od

My father told me once that words and letters hold the secrets of the universe.
That in their shapes and sounds I could find everything, 
could see beyond myself to something special... perfect.
My father told me once that I could reach the ear of God.
- Eliza, "Bee Season"

After watching the movie "Bee Season" for the nth time, I got to thinking about the power of words. And, as Eliza's father in the film preaches, is there really an ear of God? If so, is it possible for man to reach it? 

For most of my life I have been playing my way around words, at school or for leisure. Somehow, in this tricky industry, I have managed to make a career [and a living] out of it. Despite this clarity, I am still baffled by the degree of just how much impact and change words can incur to man, and to the world at large. Is there something greater than the letters and the words that we create? Is this fictional story in any way possible in real life, thinking that the simple act of permuting letters could probably create a trance enough for an individual to reach a higher, deeper state of being?

While this post pictures more questions than it does with answers, I would like to believe that the answers do exist. Somewhere in this life, this existence. And the answers to this -- in the similar fashion of how Adolf Hitler realized his political dream during an opera -- will be the key in conquering this world [or the next].

As much as I do not drown myself with the mysteries of religion and spirituality, one cannot help but ask about the existence of a Higher Being, whatever the entity's name and character is. What does being cleansed of heart and soul refer to? Does this mean that it necessitates becoming altruistic and genuinely good to others and to the world? If one does so, could it be possible that this act is the path towards reaching a different state of being, if ever such does exist? What is there to it?

This has led to a sudden urge inside my head to think deeper and reflect on the promise of power that lies on words and letters. Perhaps, with the right manner of concentration and permutation, I may be able to perceive, if not reach, a different state. It might not be anything like a trance, nor a phenomenon enough to lift me off the ground and send shivers to my spine and jerks to my joints. For now, even the slightest, faintest, shine of light or twinkle of a letter would suffice.

Make yourself right. 
Cleanse your heart and soul. 
Permute the letters back and forth.  
Permute the letters back and forth.  
You will feel then- 
You will feel then- 
...as if an additional spirit

 ...as if an additional spirit is within you.

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