My Lebensraum

This is a world of scarcity…

Because everyday we’re given scarce means to make ends meet.
Because even ends are limited.
Because nations fight over scarce resources for sustenance and survival.
Because every morning you scurry your way to the office only to find that nothing has really changed.
Because life is a never-ending war for continued existence where weapons are in short supply but the rivals are unlimited.

This is a world of scarce everything… except for one thing – dreams.

And it’s our dreams that will satisfy hunger and quench the thirst; that will kill the boredom and fuel the fervor; heal the wounds and keep us alive. It is our dreams that will reverse scarcity and transform the world into a place of richness and abundance.

The world is Pandora’s Box and our dreams are our only hope.

Guten tag. Ich heiße Alanj Nugis. My dream is to take over the world.

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