Safe and Sound.

There is a very fine line between loving someone and falling in love.

(I know, right? Another love post. Don't bother reading. Go on to the next blog, please.)

(Okay. Then.)

I miss the feeling of bliss - that feeling when nothing else matters. I know all of this has been said and done at some point by a gazillion others, yet I stay firm on this ground. I could have written something better, something different, something unwritten before, perhaps a great idea that could make the world a better place and create that "change" all of us have been singing since before Clapton. But here I stay. It must be the hormones, must be that time of the month, or the fact that I have just seen the most honest music video from (I'm sorry...) Taylor Swift. I think it was more of the backing vocals (and guitars, by The Civil Wars) that created a lump in my throat. I am pretty certain it wasn't Coke nor the prawn crackers. It was the music. Stop investigating! Okay. Good. Now that we have established that...

The difference. Yes.

Loving somebody has kept me breathing for most of my life. Maybe it has, for most of us. And while all of the excessive melodrama is indeed unnecessary in this world, I cannot erase the fact that sometimes a girl just needs something extra. I have cursed fairy tales and all their bullshit very long ago. But in a very hidden, buried, area inside me streams a hopeful light that the promise of passionate and everlasting love that these children's bed time stories does exist.

This phenomenon is rare, ever since the men providing the services have become such scarcity. (What the hell is up with that, anyway? Explain.) It may even be the case that this type of love (erkkk.) cannot be easily discriminated from the usual forms. And as I go an blabbering on this digital papyrus the clearer it appears that words would not suffice - no matter how sophisticated or several - to exemplify what I'm trying to say. People can remain in relationships for months, years, lifetimes. Yet there are those which never really feel the greatest love of their life. I would like to believe that I may be one of these unfortunates, trodding on the existential company and satisfaction that a stable relationship can provide, flowing through a river of perfected rituals and memorized routines of one another, keeping in mind that possibly, this could be all that there is to love.

Well. How convenient. I think I'm done here for tonight.
Tune in for my pending plan on conquering the world. Thanks. Take care now.

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