There comes a time in your life when you just want to stop being your lazy self, get up from the couch (bed, floor, or wherever you lay the slack of your ass on), and with a swoosh of magic/fairy dust (whichever works), conquer the world. 


I mean, who hasn't?

It all starts - and I mean always - with a sinister, maniacal laugh. 
(This is the part where you imagine me laughing in a very evil way.)

Alright. So. This will be the first post from a series related to ME conquering the world. 
(Because really, you can say it just like that. Snap snap. Very easy. As simple as one, two, three.)

Follow the label "Guinevere Conquers the World" in my future posts to keep track of any development/s regarding my evil plan. Because seriously, you wouldn't want to miss out on that.

Have a great day, now, kids. Be good.

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